Snowshoeing in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Nagano allows you to take in the beautiful scenery without the risks associated with skiing or snowboarding. It’s also a great activity after you’ve already seen the Snow Monkeys or tired of skiing and want to try something new. Basque in the other-worldly feel of a winter wonderland and fresh powder snow. We will bring the hot chocolate.


Mirror Lake & Togakushi Shrine. Snowshoe 4-6km (3-4 hrs) on mostly flat terrain with moderate hills. Walk across a frozen lake with the majestic Mt. Togakushi in the background, weather permitting. Walk to Togakushi Shrine’s Zuishinmon Gate with it’s famous avenue of Japanese Cedar trees. Have a late lunch at a soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant. Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

Pick up/drop off: Nagano Station or Yudanaka Station at 9:30 AM. Please don’t be late

Suitable for children 10+

Tour Dates: January to March

Group Tour Rate: ¥15,000 per person for 2+ pax, ¥13,000 per person for 4+ pax (2 person minimum)

Private Tour Rate: ¥60,000 total up to 5 pax, + ¥9,000 for each additional person.

Tour Includes: Snowshoes, poles, gaiters, lunch and transportation to/from Nagano Station or Yudanaka Station. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Please Bring: Cold weather attire including waterproof jacket, several layers underneath, waterproof pants with long underwear underneath, gloves (2 pairs if you have them), boots or hiking shoes, change of socks, warm hat, neck warmer or scarf, backpack, water (at least half a liter), sunglasses or ski goggles, sunscreen and a camera with extra batteries (electronics tend to lose charge quickly in the cold). Please notify us if you do not have all of these items, we might be able to prepare them for you at an additional cost. If you have time to prepare equipment and gear in advance, Uniqlo and MontBell are inexpensive, high-quality Japanese stores to check out.

*Snowshoe tours are subject to changes in the itinerary due to snow conditions. When there is a lack of snow or dangerous snow conditions, your Nagano Ventures guide will inform you and provide alternative options.