Soba & Sake

Among Nagano’s most famous culinary delights are soba (buckwheat noodles) and sake. Before rice-farming techniques modernized, the cold, steep mountains of Nagano did not facilitate extensive rice farming. Soba grew even in mediocre, mountainous soil and became a staple grain. Once considered poor-man’s food, soba has become a delicacy and holds the top spot in Nagano cuisine.

Once rice farming techniques allowed more productive yields, Nagano’s sunny summers and high quality H20 made Nagano rice some of the best in Japan. By extension, sake was produced at breweries around the region.

On this tour, we explore these two culinary masterpieces in-depth. We make/eat our own soba noodles visit two sake factories, one of which has been in operation over 200 years and learn about each products’ cultural significance in-depth. In the Winter, we have the addition of apple tasting! In the other months, we talk t0 a soba maker and sake sommelier who shares with us his passion for both!

Pick up/drop off: Nagano Station or Yudanaka Station at 9:30 AM. Please don’t be late

Suitable for children all ages

Tour Dates: January-March, June-July & October-November

Group Tour Rate: ¥15,000 per person for 2+ pax, ¥13,000 per person for 4+ pax.

Private Tour Rate: ¥60,000 total up to 5 pax, + ¥9,000 for each additional person.

Tour Includes: Sake brewery tour, soba making class, lunch, sake tasting and transportation to/from Nagano Station or Yudanaka Station. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Please Bring: Seasonally appropriate attire. In Winter, we will not be outside for long periods but please bring cold weather clothing including waterproof jacket, warm pants, gloves, warm hat, neck warmer or scarf, water, sunglasses and sunscreen.